October 18, 2004

How To Create Terrorists 101

If you haven't yet heard of Sy Hersh's latest book, "Chain Of Command" then please take the time to read this exerpt from the book.

Chain Of Command

While we soak in our media's serious lack of any substantive reporting, real journalists such as Seymour are attempting to inform the American public. I fear, however, that our love of unreality television and an attention span that could be described as Attention Deficit Disorder, will only serve to keep those responsible, aka THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION, from bearing the consequences of their actions. I can't begin to explain how angry this makes me. Now, don't get me wrong. I believe that we should be taking extreme measures to ensure that we capture/kill the people responsible. But I also KNOW that torturing the innocent will surely create more enemies of our Liberty bound ideals.

For those of you reading, which I suspect are few, that are Republican in nature, then please don't disregard these statements as if they were unimportant. Simply ask yourself an honest question:

  1. Where does the buck stop when serious transgressions against the interests of our nation have occurred?

Despite the numerous mistakes made by the current administration, NOT ONE PERSON has been held accountable! How can this be!!?? If this were an Al Gore administration and the same transgressions had occurred, Republican's would be HOWLING!!

Fucking hypocrites. Worried about cum on a blue dress, but calm when lies and blatant disregard for long established treaties have and will continue to result in the death of innocent Americans.


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