October 14, 2004

I Can Beat You with One Hand Tied Behind My Back! Or Was That Your Hand?

OK, due to some minor bitching from Jay, I now have to post something. Whatever.

Has everyone heard about the Republican's belief in spreading Libertay and Democracay? Check this shit out! Why pay lip service to Democracy when you can just go about stealing elections?

I worry about our country. It is split down the middle politically and culturally. Is this the start of a new revolution? Will we, once again, have to fight the demons of greed and lust for power for power's sake? I hope not. Until then, I'll keep buying guns. Woohoo! Guns! I love 'em!

Ok, so I'm lacking any sort of journalistic writer capability right now. But that's okay, cause I LOVE GUNS!

Just kidding, well not really, but whoever heard of a left-wing nutbag? Shit, I guess I'll have to become a Republican now.


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