October 15, 2004

Iraq In the Back

So here's the deal, my compatriots. I love my country dearly. I have served in my country's military, in part, because I do love my country. I support the troops incontrovertably. Being anti-Republican doesn't make me, or any other citizen a traitor.

Here is what traitors do:

Traitors send our troops to war WITHOUT the proper gear to begin with. Traitors send our troops to war WITHOUT the proper manning levels in order to guarantee a non-violent aftermath. Traitors IGNORE their military and bureacratic advisors because the reality doesn't play well. Traitors arrest our already stressed National Guard members for following regulations.

Click here to find out why troops are getting arrested in Iraq.

Not only do these soldier patriots have to deal with Iraqi's trying to kill them on an hourly basis, but suddenly they have to worry about whether their own vehicles will kill them? Come the fuck on! I've been in the military, and when a piece of equipment is deemed unsafe, that's because it IS unsafe. The military will push their soldiers and equipment to the breaking point before shit is considered unsafe. So why the fuck are these soldiers getting arrested!!!??? I know an order is an order, but no order is going to impede the ability to make common sense decisions. So suddenly, we're going to force our soldiers into becoming martyrs? For what purpose? Doesn't that sound oddly familiar; martyr? I guess the playing field gets leveled by the day.

I hate what George Bush is doing to this country and to our troops.


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