October 14, 2004

Woohooo...Fuck 'em If They Don't Like Our Liberal Spending

Yippeee! Woohooo! We've set another record!

Yep, boys and girls, we're getting fucked. Hard. Right now. Can you feel it?

Check it out!

The Congressional Budget Office just released the Treasury Departments fiscal responsibility numbers, and guess what!? Yep, you got it. Fucked again.

Who's fault is it? Well certainly not C-plus Augustus Bush, I mean, he doesn't make mistakes unless you count the people that he'd appointed who were just trying to help him out by feeding him a little reality. Nope. Not him. That would be one of those so-called "exaggerations". Smirk, smirk.

Surely, it can't be the Republican controlled House. I mean, they're conservatives right? They use to have this Contract With America thingy that they liked to harp about, swearing that they were beholden to balance the budget. Nah, not their fault. Besides, there's no blue dress - smoking gun here.

Maybe it's the Republican controlled Senate? Nah, couldn't be. Hell, they'd just as soon short change the country on education or first-responders before over-spending. Besides, they're too busy trying to amend the Constitution so that glorious document can finally embody some discrimination. And geez, too bad John Kerry's preventing them from doing their real job, like funding the budget for next year.

If it's not this Republican controlled government, then who is it? Yep, them fuckin' Liberal's. It's their fault! Rat bastards, stealing from babies again.

At last, someone to blame.


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