August 03, 2005

How Is This Possible?

I am disillusioned.

What the fuck is wrong with half of America? I mean really, how, can any Constitution loving, democracy protecting American vote Republican? Has our sense of right and wrong been so overwhelmed by ideology that it is acceptable to vote for a clearly disingenuous liar and thief such as Jean Schmidt? Her opponent, Paul Hackett, SERVED in Iraq...VOLUNTEERED despite his wife and children. What did she do during that time? Well, she took illegal contributions from a company that resulted in her sponsoring of a bill that directly...DIRECTLY benefitted that same company just months later!! Can you say quid-pro-quo!!?? Here's a link to the explicit charges for which she is being investigated.

What the fuck is wrong with Republicans?!! I can't be more outraged...a man who laid his life and the livelihood of his family on the line for his country was beat in the last few minutes of this election by some bitch who couldn't give a fuck about her constituents or their problems.

Even worse, there's serious talk, yet again about voting problems in OH-2 that occurred, literally, in the last couple hours of the counting....system crashes, that when brought back up, had good ol' Jean up by 4% instead of down by 2% at the end of the count. Check out how many votes go her way in the last 22 minutes of the election. I mean, it's not like Ohio has had problems in the past...oh wait, yes they have!!

I don't's possible that there isn't anything here...but the fact that so many people no longer trust the voting process bodes dark times ahead.

Anger and disenfranchisement will lead to revolution.


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