August 18, 2005


it is a word I love to say. It just rolls off the tongue and pulls at your gut as it emits forth the feeling with which it is imbued.

Righteous is a righteous word!

It is time that all Americans begin thinking and behaving in a righteous manner. Being righteous is not a partisan issue. Being righteous takes courage because it requires the admission of reality. The reality now is such that we can no longer say, with a straight face, that what we've done in and to Iraq is the result of a righteous pursuit of evil; we are and continue to be the evil. And we are not righteous.

When America issued forth her mighty military fist, it was attached to a vile body filled with lies. Lies that created fear and panic amongst citizens who had become blinded by patriotic but unrighteous speeches emboldening us to commit war upon a people that represented no threat. Lies that claimed we were but minutes from annihilation from a far off enemy with made up capabilites. Lies that many of us continue to believe because it is easier to believe than it is to be righteous.

For those of you who serve the President but not your duties as citizens, I ask you, where is your righteousness when asked to serve your country? Where is your decency when supporting the occupation of a foreign land by your neighbors when you yourself have not served a day. Any response that doesn't include, "I just went to the US Army recruiting office" is only an excuse and lacks righteous devotion to your so-called patriotism. Go ahead, continue to "support" the troops, but really, what have you done but support their continued slaughter for nothing but lies?

This adventure that has wasted countless lives and billions of dollars that could have been spent in truly righteous pursuits, will haunt us for generations to come. It pains me every day to think of what we've done to our own country by dividing ourselves into red and blue; aren't we all citizens of the same constitution? Apparently, even something as inflammatory as white crosses dedicated to those who've committed the ultimate sacrifice appears to be treasonous to those who would serve their President but not their country.

America can no longer claim to be righteous, for we are not without guilt nor sin.


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