July 25, 2005

This American Life

This past week has been rough. I hate my job with a passion; Dilbert has nothing on the soulless company in which I'm currently employed. So I've been searching for a new job and have found a couple, but it seems that these potential employers have a penchant for lying. I mean, why would I (or them for that matter) waste my time with the whole pain in the ass, interview process if they can't even meet my salary requirements? Astonishing. I've been offered two different architecture positions, and each one has flat out lied to me about what they were willing to pay me. What the fuck? It speaks volumes about American ethics in business when this type of behavior begins to become common place.

Anyhow, I was driving home from Albany, NY this past weekend after a second interview in which they offered me the job, and then informed me that they couldn't even come close to my salary requirements. I was in a foul mood and feeling very absorbed by my problems and just hating life in general. But then, I was saved.

I love NPR (WBUR is the best NPR station around). I can't imagine my life without NPR. It is a Godsend and I contribute often every year because of their dedication to truth and everything else that America stands for. I was driving along, sulking when Ira Glass begins his radio show, "This American Life". After listening to the humorous, touching and human stories, I realized that my problems are really nothing compared to the crap that so many others around our country and planet must live and deal with every day. "This American Life" truly helps me to get in touch with MY humanity and more importantly helps me to see myself as a citizen in the HUMAN community.

If you listen to NPR, give them money if you can. If you can't, please continue to listen. If you don't listen to NPR, then start; even if you're a conservative because you won't get lies and propaganda on NPR, just the reality that the vast majority of people find themselves immersed.

And if you're NPR station carries "This American Life", then do yourself a favor and take an hour to listen, you'll be better because of it, and with any luck, you too will find more of your humanity.

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