March 17, 2006

Wake Up!

Ok, I am beyond pissed.

Here's why: Pussy Democrats Fail Us Yet Again!

You see, so many of my fellow citizens don't see it happening:

That subtle sucking sound of a country being converted into a fascist, tyrannical, fuck-fest of religious zealots filled with hate and power hungry wolves who ate the Constitution just like they'll eat your children.

Our Democratic representatives in Congress, wallow about in their fear and self-loathing while the masses burn with an intense anger that will only be directed at Them; the ones in DC. They have abandoned us, mewling about that they need to be tough, while the entire time they blatantly demonstrate they are not fit to clean bedpans. They are pussies with spines of...of..well, they don't have spines. I guess those got stolen along with the 2000 election.

Our Republican Benedict Arnolds, legislating away our Constitution in order to protect a self-proclaimed felon. "But what of our Dear Leader, he can't be held accountable!" I tell you here, now, that accountability will come.

Our government, both Left and Right no longer serves any of us. The Right has become the bully, talking of good and walking us into Hades. The Left, like an abused wife, always thinking her abusive husband will change if they'd only not complain as much.

Our government has long faltered and has become more blatant and callous about it, but you and I no longer matter. The only thing that matters is power, money and greed. They do not hear our patriotic voices, rising in chorus to protest the evil they wring from our good names.

Things must change or the people will rise...and it may not be pretty.